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Communication Challenges That Could Be Holding You Back

Adventure Employment 12 July, 2021

Communication is a crucial aspect of any job search. You will be communicating with many new people both through writing (emails) and through speech (phone calls, interviews.) When there are communication challenges, it can create hurdles that slow you down. Here are a few common communication challenges people face.

Not Really Listening

Often we are so anxious to say our next statement, that we do not truly listen to the information that is being shared with us. During a job search, this can be especially problematic. When information is being shared with you via a phone call or during an interview, make an effort to turn off your need to "get in the next word." Relax, and allow yourself to truly absorb the information being shared with you.

Failing To Ask Questions

Another big communication challenge is the failure to ask more questions in order to truly understand the information. People will sometimes avoid asking questions because they do not want the other person to doubt their intelligence. "I'll sound dumb if I ask too many questions." You can't be an expert on everything. You learn new information by asking questions. The more questions you ask now, the more intelligent you will be on this topic in the future. If something seems unclear, ask questions.


Closely related to the first two points is the challenge of assuming too much. When we are not truly listening, and we fail to ask the appropriate questions, we will fill in the blanks with assumptions.

This is problematic because our assumptions are often wrong. Inaccurate assumptions will slow down your productivity and can even cause frustrations between you and others in the future. Rather than assume anything, listen carefully, ask as many questions as you need, and then move ahead with the accurate information.